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Zoya Cheglakov, Ph.D.
CEO, President & cofounder

Zoya completed her Ph.D. and postdoctoral research at the University of Chicago, where she co-invented Sensona’s nanoparticles synthesis and the PURE-PCR technology. She has 17+ years of experience in DNA nanotechnology, focusing on developing biosensors and optical imaging of cancer for clinical applications. Expert in nucleic acid amplification methods, including ultra-sensitive DNA nanomachines for diagnostics of infectious diseases. Author of 17 scientific papers, coordinator of international grants, and co-inventor of 10 patents.

B.S., M.S. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Chemistry), Ph.D. The University of Chicago (Chemistry)

Yossi Weizmann, Ph.D.
Chairman Scientific Advisory Council & cofounder

Yossi Weizmann's, Professor of Chemistry expertise sits at the cutting edge of the chemistry, biology, and materials science fields with various interdisciplinary approaches, including bioelectronics, DNA nanotechnology, surface chemistry, and novel nanomaterials. He has 20+ years' extensive background in nucleic acid amplification methods and designing bioelectronic sensors, with profound experience in developing ultrasensitive bio-electronic and optical detection schemes for nucleic acids and proteins. Professor Weizmann has 70+ peer-reviewed publications and 15 patents

Ph.D. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Chemistry), Post-doctorate MIT

Board of Directors

Dr. Zoya Cheglakov
CEO, President & cofounder

Dr. Yossi Weizmann

Chairman Scientific Advisory Council & cofounder

Michael O'Malley
Business & Financial Advisor

Board of Advisors

Nimrod B. Weizmann, MD
Medical Director

Nimrod Weizmann, MD, is an expert in OB/GYN, Infertility, and STDs with extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. Nimrod is the head of the Emergency Obstetrics and Gynecology Department and ER. He is a primary care doctor, and an attending physician Ob/GYN at Laniado Hospital, Netanya. Dr. Weizmann’s outstanding skills, problem-solving ability, and network of professional contacts in the medical and gynecologic fields help Sensona to identify areas for further development and to complete its goals with maximum productivity

Amir Lichtenstein, Ph.D. 

Consultant, Technological  Advisor 

Amir Lichtenstein (Ph.D.) brings to Sensona decades of productive and successful work turning innovative ideas into products. He was RAM GROUP Global's PD, the GreinDX AS CTO, Traceense LTD, Physical Logic AG, and Sienna Cancer Diagnostics (Sensogene). Amir has 30+ years of experience in Microbiology, focusing on developing DNA-based biosensors and early cancer diagnostics for point-of-care applications. He authored 29 patents and peer-reviewed articles, among them Nature Biotechnology and Nature Communications

Michael O'Malley
Business & Financial Advisor

Michael has over 40 years of experience in financing, negotiating, and marketing management. His knowledge and skills to work with providers and to manage the sales force play a crucial role in Sensona's projects. Michael primary focus in Sensona is on forecasting business opportunities, hiring, and training personnel

M.A. Loyola University, OPM Harvard Business School

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