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Sensona provides an explicit solution to sophisticated PCR-based diagnostic instrumentation, delivering a portable, ultrafast system that enables the completion of clinical sample analysis within minutes.

Our objective is to enhance the Global Health System, combat the escalating antibiotic resistance crisis, and preempt or shorten outbreaks by introducing an innovative diagnostic platform that provides cost-effective tests at the point of care

For decades, Nucleic Acid Amplification, specifically the "gold standard" PCR technology, has been the foremost choice of doctors for diagnosing pathogens and genetic diseases. In clinical settings, it is frequently the sole method for early diagnosis.

Sensona paves the way for immediate and precise diagnostic analysis, facilitating timely and appropriate treatment

Sensona has secured patents for its technology in 32 countries across North America, the European Union, and the Asia-Pacific region




Our innovation creates enhanced medical care opportunities for millions of people, delivering immediate, on-the-spot qPCR diagnostic tests in diverse settings such as schools, airports, shopping centers, ambulances, emergency rooms, Mayo Clinics, hospitals, military processing centers, the Department of Defense Food Analysis stations, and Diagnostic Labs (FADL)

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