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Sensona offers a simple solution to obscure PCR-based diagnostic instrumentation delivering a portable, ultrafast system allowing to complete analysis of a clinical sample in minutes

Our goal is to strengthen the Global Health System, fight the growing antibiotic resistance crisis, and prevent or shorten outbreaks by launching a novel diagnostic platform offering affordable tests at the point of care.

For decades, the doctors' number one choice for the diagnosis of pathogens and genetic diseases relies on Nucleic Acid Amplification, the "gold standard" PCR technology. In clinical settings, it is often the only early diagnosis method. 
Sensona opens the door to immediate, accurate diagnostic analysis and, therefore, to proper treatment.

Sensona patented its technology in 32 countries. In North America, European Union and the Asian-Pacific region 




Our innovation offers better medical care opportunities to millions of people providing on-the-spot qPCR diagnostic tests in schools, airports, shopping centers, ambulances, ERs, mayo clinics,  hospitals, military processing centers, the DoD Food Analysis stations, and Diagnostic Labs (FADL)

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