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Sensona's game-changing technology delivers a "NOBORDERS" fully automated diagnostic platform. We offer a 90-sec qPCR diagnostic assay for the common highly contagious viral diseases: Influenza A, Influenza B, COVID-19, Norovirus. Get tested and receive your results instantly.

Sensona device web5.png

Sensona's mission is to facilitate the diagnosis of infectious diseases providing express molecular analysis to allow better access to public health services and help control the spread of contagious diseases locally and during pandemics 


Sensona's award-winning, patented technology was developed by scientists and clinicians with more than 20 years of experience in the DNA Nanotechnology, Pathology, and Molecular Diagnostics

The 90-second portable qPCR kit is as quick and easy as a pregnancy test. 


Sensona's team is composed of professionals with extensive experience in multidisciplinary fields, including science, industry, and marketing. Sensona's founders have a 20- year practice of teamwork as a highly efficient group with a deep commitment to its missions

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